Beam Alliance 700TC Built-In Vacuum


Beam Alliance 700TC Built-In Vacuum

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The top-of-the-line power unit intelligently designed for large families living in large homes.

It combines ultimate cleaning performance with visually attractive Advanced Smart Screen technology, providing complete system monitoring.

  • HE Motor, a high efficiency motor is at the heart of every BEAM Alliance system.
  • HE motors offer higher performance using 30% less energy than the traditional central vacuum system motor.
  • Smart Screen, illuminated screen helps you monitor the performance of your central vacuum system.
  • Quick Clean Valve, opens easily with the touch of a finger. The quick clean valve is powered and lets you turn on the system from the hose handle.
  • Use for quick clean-ups around the area of the power unit.
  • True HEPA Filtration, noneed to vent to the outdoors with the optional Beam Alliance HEPA filter. It removes any impurities left in the air before it is recirculated. Breath easy!
  • Press & Release Bucket, simply press down on any two points around the ring and pull down to empty the bucket. The bucket easily snaps back into place with one hand.
  • Self-Cleaning Filter, exclusive Beam self-cleaning filter with GORE™ technology. This filter prolongs and protects the HE motor for prolonged product life, keeping superior suction performance over time.
  • 700 airwatts, 107 CFM airflow, 146 inch waterlift
  • 15 litre dirt capacity
  • Sound-off muffler; HEPA Filter; Sound level 68 decibels
  • Advanced Screen (C)
  • 15 year warranty covering motor and electronics

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