Beam Q Electric Package 30′ For Serenity


Beam X-treme Q Electric Package (30′ CP)

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The hose package of your dreams is now available to you! The 30 foot Beam Q powerhead package is everything you could possibly hope for. The new handle swivel technology allows for an adjustable suction feature. You can now adjust the speed of the motor, allowing the perfect amount of suction for every cleaning job around the house. You can boost suction for those tougher jobs and lower it for jobs like a little light dusting.

The quiet power nozzle increases your daytime cleaning and with its swivel neck, it slips under furniture without difficulty! IT also has built in LED lights for a full view of what’s in front of you, ensuring nothing too big gets in your way thus preventing future plugs and suction problems. The serpentine belt wont stretch making it long lasting. The quick release neck allows for faster changes from the power nozzle to the floor tool ensuring your job gets done faster.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Telescopic wand
  • Hose hanger
  • Standard size adapter
  • Tool caddy
  • 30 foot hose
  • Floor tool

Hose Cover Not Included

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Weight 20.5 lbs

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