Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe Canister Vacuum


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Electrolux UltraOne EL7085ADX Canister Vacuum

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Electrolux’s best canister model line makes its return with a renewed, powerful and improved system to provide you with a whole home or office cleaning in one vacuum, the Ultra One Deluxe Canister.

This trustworthy machine shows its modern system not just in a beautiful body design, but also within its superior technology, with up to 40 new improvements by Electrolux’s engineering team, it assures you an ultra efficient cleaning performance in less time.

Its sealed system combined with a HEPA filter removes dust and dirt properly, and protects your environment by retaining every single particle inside the bag. No more inconvenient flow back of dust into your air.

Need an specific power to clean a tough surface? Use the UltraOne’s Electronic Control Menu, with a brilliant LED display, including up to 5 power levels to clean at your choice.

The Automatic suction setting lets you perform your vacuuming session smoothly, without worrying or losing valuable time in setting up your powerhead.

Simply press the button and the UltraOne will detect the surface to be cleaned, and adjust the required suction power instantly.

This Deluxe edition comes with a 3 in 1 crevice tool that will work together with the Electrolux Deep Clean Powerhead, Bare Floor brush and an additional Dusting Brush for a great and complete cleaning suite right at the reach of your hands.

Add an Electrolux UltraOne to your home today and be sure: you can trust it for life.

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