Eureka Boss Bagless w/Spinduster


Eureka Boss Bagless w/Spinduster

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Packed with a unique, and super-hygenic Sealed HEPA filter, the Eureka Boss works that extra mile for achieving dust-free rugs and carpets, clean and shiny floors, and a better air quality and environment for your home.

No need for stressful long vacuuming sessions that require at least 3 rounds to capture all the dirt. The ONLY Sealed HEPA system, it captures up to 100% of dust and pollen and 99.97% of allergens and bacteria to 0.3 microns for cleaner indoor air.

The spin duster actually works to lift and eliminate dust from furniture and other surfaces right away without requiring any previous clean up or preparation before passing your vacuum over.

Useful for cleaning walls and shelves of varying heights, this tool offers a telescopic adjustment to help you reach every dusty surface in your home.

A wonderful model for households that need that extra clean quality and prevention of allergies.

This Eureka model surely is the BOSS, managing to clean up every line of dust, any kind of dirt from your home floors or business lounge.

  • Power Paw Stair Brush with Riser Visor: flip down for easier vertical cleaning and flip up for easier horizontal cleaning of stairs and upholstery.
  • Telescopic self-cleaning duster for hard to reach places: with 3ft reach attracts dust like a magnet. Just flip the switch to vacuum dust away.
  • Powered Edge Kleener: the only power brush that cleans dirt from carpet edges. Regular vacuums can’t clean to the edge fully.
  • 15-inch wide cleaning path.
  • On-board tools and extra long power cord.
  • This bagless Eureka upright cleans all areas no matter its type or cleaning needs.

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