Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog in Mango Red


Miele Classic C1 Cat & Dog in Mango Red

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Receive a ‡Free Upgrade from manufacturer’s standard warranty to a Total Five (5) Year Miele Warranty when buying this Miele model. 

The Compact C1 Cat & Dog performs wonderfully to get rid of hair and pet dander, with the same modern vacuum system technology and an affordable price, features exclusively from Miele’s C1 models.

Active AirClean filters (charcoal filter) are perfect for all surfaces as they filter up to 99.9% of dust and particles. This combined with Miele’s internal system, ensures a complete and secure defense against the spreading of dust and air flow leakages.

Incredibly lightweight, it moves around easily with 360 degree movement wheels that let you maneuver in any desired angle. The telescopic wand lets you adjust, and find the right height for cleaning without stressing your back and reach locations with ease.

The Miele C1 gives you an extraordinary cleaning and durable performance, with the ElectroComfort powerhead, being one of the only models in the C1 line to have an electric powerhead included with your purchase. ‡

It is perfect for pet owners and low and medium pile carpets, area rugs and hardfloors.

Give your space environment a fresh, clean air quality to enjoy, while taking care of your beloved pets – all of it in one vacuuming session.

A Miele is everything you want from a vacuum: silent, potent, efficient and a long-lasting machine. It says ‘Made in Germany’ every time you turn it on.

  • ‡ Active AirClean filter (charcoal filter)
  • ‡ PowerHead and smooth floor tool: SEB 217-3 and SBB 235-3
  • ‡ Weight : 4.3 kg.
  • ‡ Motor : 1200 W.
  • ‡ Operating radius : 9m / 29.53 ft.
  • ‡ PowerHead SEB 217-3.
  • ‡ Smooth Floor Tool : SBB 235-3.
  • ‡ Bag Capacity : 4.5 L.

Additional information

Weight 25.5 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 14.5 × 17 in

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