Oreck VersaVac High-Performance Upright & Steamer


Oreck Versa Vac High-Performance Bagless Vacuum PLUS Steam Mop

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Oreck® VersaVac™ is Oreck’s most versatile vacuum, offering you a two-in-one suite that contains all the essentials to finish your cleaning with a excellent quality touch.

No matter what kind of tool you need, it can replace them all – leave the broom, dustpan, mop and messy water bucket behind.

The VersaVac is a full powered bagless vacuum plus a powerful steam mop in one machine. Its vacuum system lets you pull up all the dirt and dust from carpets or bare floors with a powerful suction, product of Oreck`s manufacturing quality and design.

The ultimate multi-surface cleaner makes cleaning easy, saves time and reduces the hassle of managing multiple cleaning products without sacrificing performance.

The VersaVac is the right choice for those interested in vacuuming their surfaces while looking for a strong way to clean up and erase stains, spills or tough spots right at the same time.

Wonderful for cleaning business owners, janitorial workers, or home owners committed to a very throughout housekeeping effort.

Pack yourself with one of the most versatile machines in the market and modernize every single cleaning task with Oreck’s VersaVac.

  • Steam Lock and Trigger: quickly steam surfaces by simply pressing the steam trigger on your wand and holding it, or slide the lock button for continuing steaming.
  • Steam and Vacuum Controls: a quick switch allows you to turn the VersaVac from a deep steaming mop to a powerful vacuum in a twist. Rotate the function switch, choose your desired surface setting and get ready to a round of quality cleaning.
  • Easy-dump canister: including two convenient release buttons, simply pull up your canister, press and dump all the accumulated dust and debris from your home right into a disposal can.
  • Easy-fill water tank: take your water tank off the VersaVac, fill up and enjoy up to 30 minutes of constant steaming power when using the highest steam setting, and up to 60 minutes if using the moderate settings to clean your surfaces.
  • Easy-steam pad: two all-purpose, washable microfiber steam pads help you save time and money by being able to wash them, and reuse them as many times as necessary without the need to ever replacing them for new ones.
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner: Oreck`s specially designed technology provides this vacuum with a great performance that can easily lift three, 16 lb bowling balls without any issue. And even when off, the VersaVac won`t lose suction.

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