Panasonic Optiflow Canister Vacuum MC-CG985 (Edge Green)


Panasonic Optiflow Canister Vacuum MCCG985

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Experience the best reliability and cleaning efficiency of a great vacuum system with the Optiflow Canister MC-CG983.

Manufactured by Panasonic, it is sure to provide you with high quality features and turn the way we clean at home into a laid back, comfortable task.

Its OptiFlow technology packs a powerful 12 amp motor, constant hygienic filtering system with HEPA filters, all combined with an advanced flow system that allows 31% more air than the regular canister vacuums.

An Electronic performance indicator and dirt sensor complete your powerhead and its functionality, by providing you a live report of how your vacuum system is working and how much dirt it is taking off any surface.

Apply these great features in the space of your choice, be it either household or commercial, to clean low to high pile carpeting as well as bare or hardwood flooring.

Includes a bonus Mini power nozzle, a great tool to take the dust off furniture, upholstery, beds, and even curtains without damaging anything, but still with the same OptiFlow clean air suction.

Enjoy the difference of a revolutionary air flow system with the Panasonic OptiFlow MCCG983 Canister.

  • Power switch on handle.
  • Variable power control.
  • OptiFlow bag chamber.
  • Touch control.
  • Electronic performance indicator.
  • Generous 28 foot cord and 8 foot hose.
  • Tools on board: Floor brush, Combo brush, Crevice tool, Aluminum telescoping wand.
  • Bare floor cleaning.
  • 14 inch nozzle.
  • Belt saver.
  • Automatic cord reel.

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