BEAM 200A Floor & Carpet Air Kit Package

BEAM Central Vacuum System


The SC200A model is a renowned unit in Beam’s product line because of its versatility, efficient cleaning, and high-quality performance at a value price and a moderate space usage.

Installed anywhere within your home, it will provide you with a thorough vacuuming and house-keeping to improve the environment’s air, ensuring you a better well-being that is free of allergens and bacteria.

Beam Built-In Systems remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens completely from the home, never recirculating dusty air back in to the room you have just cleaned.

This complete package comes with a Carpet and Floor Cleaning pack with low-tide carpet brushes, floor brushes and special accessories, especially designed by BEAM to fit your unit perfectly and clean anything. Just connect and clean away.

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  • 500 Air Watts of Power
  • Self-Cleaning Filter
  • Great Compact Unit
  • Includes a 7 year warranty
  • Includes a Standard Bare Floor & Carpet Cleaning Kit with hose, heads, and accessories.

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