Beam Serenity 300A Built-In Condo Vacuum


Beam 300A Built-In Condo Vacuum

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Serenity Central Units are built with commercial grade quality able to clean any size home.

Packed with the same BEAM vacuum technology system, this unit includes the same powerful cleaning performance in a special size, saving you space and still helping you vacuum to the best extent.

For a compact central vacuum the Beam 300A is the perfect choice for your apartment or condominium. It is the best central vacuum model to fit in small areas such as a crawl space or closet.

Don’t sacrifice your beautiful home decor, or lose useful space at home with the BEAM 398A Unit.

  • The Beam 300A canister is a bag only machine meaning emptying the vacuum more is sanitary and easier to do
  • With a 550 air watt motor you can easily install this into a home up to 3500 square feet in size – great for condos.
  • Runs much quieter with its Quiet-Pak sound insulation system
  • 550 air watt 14 amp soft-start motor for increased life
  • 5.7 inches dual-suction fan motor for better airflow
  • Gore Technologies HEPA CleanStream self-cleaning filter
  • 8 foot 110Vac power cord; 14 litre disposable cloth bag
  • For convenience, there is a utility inlet built into the canister front making it simple to plug in and clean out your car or truck in your garage, carport or your driveway.
  • · Sound-Off Muffler; Sound level 69.1 decibels

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