Beam Serenity 398A Built-In Vacuum


Beam 398A Built-In Vacuum

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The Beam 398A Unit provides you with a powerful, efficient and quiet functioning to help you have a shining and organized space at your business or at home.

A HEPA CleanStream™ Filter system is installed within the unit, and aids to remove dust, pollen and allergens up to 99 % within the environment to be cleaned. Vacuum once, get rid of all that dirt accumulated and prevent build-ups for the rest of the unit’s lifetime.

Serenity Central Units are built with commercial grade quality able to clean any size home.

  • With Beam’s largest motor at 640 air watts, you can easily install this into a home or workplace up to 12,000 square feet in size.
  • A 7.2 inch wide motor with dual fans has the most power in Beam’s vacuum selection.
  • Designed to run much quieter with its Quiet Pak sound insulation system; a Sound-Off Muffler is mounted to the exhaust to silence the air turbulence coming out of the machine which drastically reduces excessive noise.
  • Also, surrounding the motor is a sound insulation wrap and carbon filter for better air quality around the unit.
  • 640 air watt 13 amp soft-start motor for increased life
  • Sound-Off Muffler; Sound level 73.8 decibels
  • Gore Technologies HEPA CleanStream self-cleaning filter
  • Bagless, easy twist-off, 25 litre, antibacterial lined dirt container
  • For convenience there is a utility inlet built into the canister front making it simple to plug in and clean out your car or truck in your garage, carport or your driveway.
  • Mounting bracket; 8 foot 110Vac power cord

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