Freshwave Natural Odour Neutralizer Pearls


Freshwave Natural Odour Neutralizer Vacuum Pearls 5.25oz

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Clean the air while cleaning your carpets with the fresh wave vacuum pearls! These little beads may not seem like much but simply toss a capfull of beads in your vacuum bag or canister and see as odors from your vacuum completely disappear! These beads are made with natural products and they prevent vacuum exhaust odors from making your smell after every time you vacuum AND they help keep your vacuum smelling fresh in between uses.
Safe, fast & effective, Fresh Wave products are made with natural ingredients including, water, lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove ans cedar wood. No harmful stuff, no worries!

  • Vacuum pearls
  • Destroys odors
  • Simple to use
  • Safe & effective
  • Natural ingredients

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Weight 3.5 lbs

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