Generic Pet Grooming Pin Comb


Generic Pet Grooming Pin Comb

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Why waste time in grooming your pet the old style – brushing hard, and having to clean up the tool manually to get rid of hairs and dander?

Update your pet and animal grooming by using this comb brush head, specifically designed to fit your vacuum and give you an all-in-one benefit. As you brush, all hairs and unwanted debris will automatically go travel into your vacuum system, preventing further spread around your home or business space and avoiding secondary clean ups after you’re done.

This Pin model is good for pets with medium to long hair size, with a straight or fine consistency. Buy it today and give your pet a good well-being and health, while you save up on time and resources for your grooming.

  • Fits most vacuum models and hose connections.
  • Standard 1 1/4 inch connector size.
  • Great choice for pet owners, veterinarian clinics and hospitals or pet grooming/cleaning businesses.
  • Remove pet hair and dander as you groom/comb small or large pets.

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