Iclebo Omega Robot Vac

Iclebo Omega Robot Vac


The future of vacuuming is happening at City Center Vacuum! Introducing the Iclebo Omega Robot Vacuum. With its innovative 5-step cleaning system, scheduled cleanings and multiple path programs the Iclebo Omega Robot Vacuum is perfect for your home. It has enhanced cleaning systems with grid mapping and intelligent turbo mode with automatic self-adjusting suction. Sit back, relax and let Iclebo do all the cleaning for you.

This robot vacuum isn’t like any other. It has a clock so you can set times for the vacuum to go off and clean at the peak messy moments in your house. It also has a spot clean mode so the vacuum travels in a spiral to pick up even the toughest messes. When Clebo is near the end of the battery life and needs a charge, the vacuum will automatically find its way back to the base, charge up and when fully charge, the vacuum will return to the cleaning space where it died. The easy empty bucket is equipped with a hepa filter as well as a protective mesh filter.

The iClebo robot vacuum as 19 sensors that help minimize the chance of collision with other objects such as walls, furniture, or anything else of the sort. The robot cleaner can climb over a door sill up to 15mm in height and the floor detection sensor prevents the cleaner from falling off the stairs or ledges. The cleaner is a blade type, equipped with suction. The side brushes gather the dust on the floor to the center of the vacuum and a spinning main blade as well as the suction vacuums the dust into the bin so you can be sure of nothing but clean floors, always!

  • Equipped with timer
  • Self adjusting suction
  • Clock
  • Turbo clean mode
  • Spot clean option
  • HEPA filter
  • Easy Empty bucket
  • 1 year warranty on machine
  • 6 month warranty on battery

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 24 × 25 in

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