Miele Complete C3 TotalCare in Navy Blue


Miele Complete C3 TotalCare in Navy Blue

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Receive a ‡Free Upgrade from manufacturer’s standard warranty to a Total Five (5) Year Miele Warranty when buying this Miele model. 

Plug in to the next generation of German vacuum technology with a Miele.

The Miele C3 TotalCare model edition, is the right choice for homes with low to medium pile carpeting, area rugs, and different types of hard floor surfaces. Your home environment is taken care of with a TotalCare vacuum cleaner.

Active AirClean filters (charcoal filter) are perfect for all surfaces as they filter up to 99.9% of dust and particles. This combined with Miele’s internal system, ensures a complete and secure defense against the spreading of dust and air flow leakages.

Tired of lost tools or messy handling when you vacuum? Store them right within your Miele C3 with a built-in compartment that opens up and closes back in just a touch.

Its soft rounded cover body will also protect furniture and walls in case of bumps and crashes when vacuuming your space.

A Swivel handle lets you push and pull your vacuum around, without worrying for hose rips or breakages, as well as caring for your wrists with a modern Comfort Handle. No tension, no problems.

Includes the ElectroComfort powerhead that works on all types of carpeting, and a Parquet Floor brush to complete your session with shiny floors.  The Miele TotalCare package carries great quality tools so you can just unbox, plug and deep clean your home.

A Miele is everything you want from a vacuum: silent, potent, efficient and a long-lasting machine. It says ‘Made in Germany’ every time you turn it on.

  • ‡ +/- Foot button controls.
  • ‡ Perfect for low and medium pile carpets, area rugs and hardfloors
  • ‡ Accessories Include : Upholstery nozzle ‡ Crevice nozzle ‡ Dusting brush
  • ‡ Motor : 1200 W
  • ‡ Operating radius : 11m / 36.1 f
  • ‡ Silence Motor
  • ‡ One Touch Cable rewind
  • ‡ Illuminated power indicator
  • ‡ Dustbag change indicator
  • ‡ Capacity : 4.5 L
  • ‡ Bag Type : G/N AirClean

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Weight 25.5 lbs
Dimensions 23.5 × 15 × 17.5 in

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