Miele Multi Functional Dishwasher Tabs (60)


Miele Multi Functional Dishwasher Tabs (60)

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The Miele dishwasher tabs are phosphate free and are individually packed in a wrapper that dissolves in the wash.

‡Now you don’t have to get soap on your hands!

The magic behind the power of the Miele Dish Tabs is the powerful enzyme formula that cleans your dishes like never before.

‡A unique glassware formula protects against etching along with special additives that protect silverware and stainless steel against corrosion.

‡Miele dishwasher tabs can be used in any brand of dishwasher.

  • ‡Powerful enzyme formula
  • ‡Glassware protection
  • ‡Silverware and stainless steel protection
  • ‡Safe in any brand of dishwasher

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