Miele Sportswear 250ml For Synthetic Sportswear


Miele Sportswear 250ml For Advanced Synthetic Sportswear

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The Miele Sportswear detergent is specially formulated for your sports and gym attire by keeping them fit, vibrant and attractive.

‡Miele Sportswear will help your fibers breathe along with its anti-static properties to keep your gear from sticking to you.

‡Environmental benefit: Contains neither phosphates nor zeolites

  • ‡ Safe for microfiber and fleece.
  • ‡ 14 loads per container.
  • ‡ Anti-static properties.
  • ‡ Protects the fit.
  • ‡ Colour protection.
  • ‡ Maintains breathability.
  • ‡ Safe for all makes of HE washing machines.

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