Royal 15″ CleanSeeker Pro Series Upright


Royal UR30085 15″ Pro Series CleanSeeker Upright 3 Year

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When was the last time that your vacuum actually told you where to look for dirt, or if your surfaces were clean enough? Never.

Introducing Royal’s Clean Seeker Sensor system, a modern way to vacuum around without worrying about leftover dust and allergens, it instantly lets you know if your surface under your powerhead is good to go, or needs another round of cleaning.

It includes a full-bag indicator to save you time and prevent further overuse or overfilling of your dust bag – an automatic care feature for your whole vacuum.

Take advantage of its amazing features, and use your time more efficiently, clean less and increase your home’s well-being with this great Royal Model.

Certified Silver by the Carpet and Rug Institute™, this Royal Pro model is a top notch option to revolutionize your cleaning efforts.

A Royal Vacuum is a professional, serious, best quality vacuum – both in its design and performance, with a luxurious look and a high degree of technology for its system.

Clean your office, lobby, or commercial space in style and grace with a Royal Vacuum today.

  • 12 amp motor.
  • 5 stage height adjustment.
  • HEPA Filtration.
  • Bag full indicator.
  • Rubber furniture guard.
  • 29 foot cord for maximum distance.
  • Includes on board tools, such as the upholstery brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool.
  • Also includes 8 foot slinky hose.

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