Saniraire Carpet Extractor


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When it comes to commercial cleaning, Sanitaire is the only name you need to know.

This very sturdy walk-behind machine provides maximum cleaning and recovery power. It has large wheels for incredible balance and easy transport. Weighing only 100 lbs, this extractor is by far one of the most solid well built machines on the market. Featuring the 9 gallon, see through recovery tank, lid and a solution switch on the handle for easy access make the operation of this machine a thing of comfort and ease. The powerful 3 stage, 15 amp motor make this machine extremely durable and in addition this powerhouse has a 50 foot cord so distance is never an issue.

  • 9 gallon recovery tank
  • Easy balance & transport
  • 18 inch wide cleaning path
  • 3 stage motor
  • 100 lbs
  • 50 ft cord
  • One year warranty

Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 22 × 44 in

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