Sanitaire/Beam SC3500A Commercial Built-In Vacuum

Sanitaire/Beam SC3500A Commercial Built-In Vacuum


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Combining the best of hygienic filtration technology from Sanitaire, and a powerful vacuum performance from BEAM, this central unit packs wonderful features to maintain your commercial or business space clean and pure.

The most powerful model with dual by-pass motors delivering 1200 airwatts of cleaning power. Ideal for very large homes and small commercial applications.

A Special Sanitaire Edition for maximum sanitary precautions and a healthy vacuuming usage.

  • Power: 1000 Air Watts
  • 240V Dual Motor
  • 2 Mufflers
  • Self-Cleaning Goretex Filter
  • Front Utility Valves
  • Clear bucket infused with the anti-microbial agent Alpha-San to minimize odors

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Weight 53 kg


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