Sebo Airbelt D4 Canister Vacuum White


Sebo Airbelt D4 White Canister Vacuum

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Get to know the new icon from SEBO’s line – the SEBO D4 canister vacuum which brings a new level of user comfort, expresses a superior modern design, and is packed with an optimal quiet performance in one fully-sized machine.

A large 15 gallon filter bag lets you work for hours, without worrying for a bag replacement or inconvenient dumping of dust and dirt.

A built-in bag hygiene cap locks its contents after use, and prevents the spread of dirt and dust when replacing or emptying your filter bag.

Notice its smooth maneuvering and comfortable use, with its 180 degree steering ability combined with a 40 ft. cord length, all in all providing you with an ample 50 ft. cleaning radius. Vacuum away without having to move around too much.

The included ET-1 Powerhead will give you an ultra quiet operation, with superior suction that is perfect for cleaning carpets from all heights and sizes, making the D4 fit any environment – clean both home and commercial/business spaces with just one piece of equipment.

Monitor the amount of power to be used with LED suction-power indicator, a modern digital feature that lets you visualize your vacuum’s current effort – with low power settings, the light rotates slowly; and with higher power settings, the light will spin quickly.

Don’t let its funky design, nor its boxy size trick you: the SEBO D4 has exactly what is needed for an incomparable German vacuum performance right within its body.

  • Adjustable telescopic tube with internal power cord.
  • 40 Foot powercord; 1250 Watts of Power.
  • Long-lasting motor life, further extended by its soft-start switch.
  • S-Class, hospital-grade filtration which is excellent for users with asthma and allergies.
  • Filters designed to last longer making them cost efficient.
  • Durable, rotating suction-hose connection.
  • Variable power control switch on handle.
  • Convenient parking and storage aid; Pateneted SEBO Airbelt bumper guard.
  • A bag full indicator displays when the filter bag should be replaced.

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