Sebo Felix Ice Blue Premium Upright Vacuum


Sebo Felix Ice Blue Premium Upright Vacuum

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Experience a fun throwback to the flashing 60s, when even vacuums fit the home’s style and colorful design, while providing a clean home for the whole family!

Unlike any other vacuum, the SEBO Felix is equipped with the best of materials, parts and motor system, crafted with top-quality German engineering to be a unique, beautiful and potent vacuum at the same time.

With a swivel neck design, it is completely portable and manageable for any location or space size. Vacuum comfortably around home, under your furniture, and reach locations above by simply lifting up the whole vacuum without stress – a SEBO Felix is one of the first light upright cleaners in the market.

Its air engine system works with a 3 stage filter system with advanced micro-filtration quality, making it an ideal cleaner for both carpet/rugs and hard bare flooring.

Rotary control for brush height, a superb electric brush, and full suction features on its powerhead make for an optimum cleaning performance.

This version has a cool ‘Ice Blue’ curve line cover cloth and Bright Blue colors to give you a  relaxed image in a powerful machine.

Get a SEBO Felix today and feel, see and experience the difference of this eccentric model. Because cleaning shouldn’t be a boring, dull task!

  •  Designed for Carpets and Hard Floors.
  • The stylish FELIX offers all the flexibility of a canister vacuum in an upright configuration.
  • The Felix has 4 levels of height adjustment to easily give the best results on any surface.
  • The power head deep cleans carpets or its brush can be shut off to clean delicate rugs.
  • The easy-to-access hose handle makes cleaning stairs and hard to reach corners ultra easy.
  • The cloth filters provide S- Class hospital grade HEPA filtration capable of trapping particles down to .3 microns.
  • The air stream is distributed and absorbs the noise of the engine, resulting in extremely quite operation.
  • The Sebo Felix can adjust all the way down, parallel to the floor to get under beds, couches.
  • With the telescopic wand on the Felix, any user can easily adjust the vacuum for the maximum comfort just by clicking a switch and sliding the handle to the desired position.

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