Sebo K2 Onyx Canister Vacuum


Sebo K2 Onyx Canister Vacuum Black

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Meet the K2 Airbelt vacuum, part of SEBO’s line of specially designed canister vacuums for the home or office.

With an state-of-art design and a powerful performance, it will exceed your needs and give you a new way of cleaning your space.

Packed with a Hospital grade HEPA S-Class Filter, its internal air system works full-time in keeping every single particle of dirt inside the vacuum bag. Filtering 99.9% of its content, the K2 is an ideal choice for people with allergies, or respiratory sensitivities.

The air-driven Turbo head offers you great suction performance with a quiet operation to clean virtually all types of surfaces, specially floors and low carpeting.

Quickly change to the included Parquet tool brush to clean up any floor tiles, hardwood or bare floors in a swoosh.

To add up to the K2’s colorful palette and minimalist design, it wears a Soft Shock absorber, to guard your precious furniture and prevent any damage from bumps and shocks to your vacuum.

The SEBO K2 Airbelt canister will be your best companion to make those important home cleaning sessions an art. Get this model and show off a luxurious Onyx canister to your visitors anytime.

  • Certified for allergy safety.
  • Light and compact; easy to carry.
  • Powerful performance with a 1250 watt motor.
  • Rubber coated wheels to prevent floor scuffs.
  • Turbo head for all floor surface use.
  • 5 year warranty, 1 year parts and labor.
  • Manual cord retract.
  • Telescopic wand for maximum reach.

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