Sebo K3 Canister Vacuum w/ET-1 Power Head Volcano


Sebo K3 Canister Vacuum w/ET-1 Power Head Volcano

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Power up your achievements with a SEBO K3, a compact and powerful canister vacuum specially built for cleaning your home and office space effortlessly.

Part of SEBO’s unique canister vacuum line, the K3 carries a modern German engineering and design focused on providing you with the best quality without much compromise.

Packed with a Hospital grade HEPA S-Class Filter, its internal air system works full-time in keeping every single particle of dirt inside the vacuum bag. Filtering 99.9% of its content, the K3 is an ideal choice for people with allergies, or respiratory sensitivities.

The SEBO ET-1 Powerhead included is the perfect addition to the K3’s features, with an electric brush that aggressively cleans and sucks dirt out of the most delicate carpet to the hardest of floor surfaces.

Choose from the 4-level height adjustment to clean any high density carpeting, low or medium rugs, or even tile and hardwood floors without issues.

A convenient button lets your change, remove, fix and troubleshoot your powerhead anytime simply by releasing your brush roll in a touch. No additional tools are needed – you can service and provide constant maintenance to your vacuum yourself!

The SEBO K3 Airbelt combined with the ET-1 electric powerhead, will provide you with the highest of cleaning performances, whether you use for household or commercial applications.

  • Designed for carpet and bare floor
  • Includes an electrified telescopic wand designed to accommodate the ET-1 power head for thorough brushing and optimal cleaning of your carpet.
  • The K3 also comes standard with the Parquet Brush for use on hard floors.
  • The soft foam air belt with its durable covering acts as a bumper guard to protect your furniture, walls, and vacuum from damage.
  • The SEBO air belt K handle is ergonomically designed and positioned to reduce wrist and arm fatigue.
  • The K3 handle is even more elaborate with an additional swivel built into the handle.
  • On-board attachments include the dusting brush, crevice tool and the upholstery nozzle.
  • The S-Class filtration system, as described above, results in 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns, making SEBO K series vacuums the perfect choice for customers with allergies and asthma.


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