Unbelievable Citrus Gel Stain Remover


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This product truly is unbelievable! Brought to you by the makers of the Unbelievable pet stain remover, If you’ve got some sticky stubborn stains in your home, this product is for you. It can remove the most greasy, oily and grimy stains. Such as, adhesive tape, tar, oil, crayons, gum, candle wax, scuff marks, tree sap, cosmetics and stickers. It’s safe to use on, floors, walls, tile, counter-tops, metal, tools and so much more! It works in a timely manor to remove those tough stains around the house. Even on carpet! It dries up into a powder so you can just vacuum it up after.

It has a mild and natural citrus scent and doesn’t leave the house smelling like cleaner. This 16oz bottle is compact and small for easy simple storage in any small space!

  • Citrus scent
  • Removes most stains
  • Easy application
  • Gel formula
  • Zaps grease on contact
  • Works on most surfaces
  • $18.00

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 9 in